Freedom Challenge Day 1

This blog post is in response to This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1.

This blog was actually created for this challenge, though I’ve managed to be a day late to start.

I think my main challenges are my addiction to escaping and lack of a community that would encourage growth.

I sometimes manage to start down the road towards healthier habits or patterns but always allow myself to fall back into escapism, and procrastination, of the things that would improve my quality of life or allow me to grow. This tends to lead to feelings of failure, which is not pleasant and usually leads to burrowing further into escaping myself and I’m basically just reinforcing my problem behaviors.

Perhaps a solution is to forgive myself when I fall. In the moment when I realize I’m escaping I start mentally congratulating myself on continuing to be a useless blob instead of an active participant in life. Instead I can take a breath, shrug, and say with a smile ‘Oops, reminder to focus!’ I think moving forward will be a more natural progression if I’m not bunkering down to hide from my own emotional state.

Creating or finding a community that gives me inspiration and motivation will help make it easier to shrug things off when I do fall or face difficulties. Just like in meditation, the expectation is that my mind will wander, but the point is to recognize it and gently redirect my focus into my breathing. I guess I just didn’t see how much that applied on a wider scope until just now.



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